Development Team Recruitment

Hello, I am the Owner and Project Manager for an upcoming game based on the Fallout: New Vegas game, this game will be massively multiplayer including player owned factions, building and looting.

We need quite a big team of developers for this game to work, I am looking for about 3 primary developers and a few secondary developers,

Here is our current team:
Some names may be repeated for multiple jobs

Project Manager - @PyroIyzed
Primary Scripter - @node_modules1
Secondary Scripter - @Pyrotenics
Primary Builder - VACANT
Secondary Builder - VACANT
Modeler - @tehls
Animator - @DisorientedProtocol
Environmental Design - VACANT

We will always hire more developers if needed,
Bonus points if you have played or have a good understanding of the Fallout lore and setting.


Payment is available in both Robux and PayPal,
Payment ranges depending on quality of work, how much work and how flexible you are with our schedule,
Ranges from $5 - $100


You can contact me on the Developer Forums or on discord, not ethan#0001

Note when applying: Make sure you have a showcase of work ready, this can be in-game, screenshots or videos, if you worked for a group make sure there is credit somewhere so I can verify .


I would recommend laying out base payments otherwise you wont get many people as they dont know what your offering. If you for example where wanting a fully scripted game so they contact you and you say “i’ll pay you 2 robux”, then you have just wasted their time.

Updated, thanks for pointing that out, completely forgot about it!

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Hello there! I’m interested in this post! I have some of my work ready to show you!
Contact me trough discard. : Alfa_Upsilon#8065

I would love to join. Will be sending you a portfolio over on Discord.

Add me on discordRadd#0096 I can be SB or pB

I sent a friend request, the name is BK

If possible, it would be helpful if you include the approximate job of each role. More specifically what you’re expecting each developer to create throughout their time developing for the team. An example list of things you need scripted, built, designed, meshed, designed and anything else I’m missing would be useful to those interested in applying for the positions.

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