DevEx Request Still Pending

Hello! Recently, I made a DevEx request the 1st july 2024 and today we are the 11th , and my DevEx request is still in pending, so i need help, the 1st i changed my tipalti informations because of an error and it was a big amount so i would like to have an explanation if someone already experienced this that’s the 10th day and some peoples said 2-5 days. This is my second time.

Thanks to everybody who will help me!

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Is this your first time using DevEx? First-time users have to wait longer for Roblox to process your payment (probably for identification/security reasons)

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No this is my second time i don’t understand because i read on the FAQ and it say 5 days

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You should contact customer support

I did but they ask to wait 2-5 days that’s the 4th and still no news.