DevEx requests keep getting rejected and no support is available

Hello, I’ve been trying to devex my robux for a while now, the first time I did it it went great they sent me the registration website and I filled all of the forms, my account is verified, it uses email code authentication etc. But it got rejected, I reached out to roblox soon about this issue about 10-11 days ago, but no response, I tried devexing again, but I still got rejected, sent them the mail again, same deal.

I made sure that the robux aquired is not from clothes etc. 95% of the robux i’ve received was from group funds where they had a successful game (gamepasses, devproducts), and then I was hired to do a comission for another game with those group funds, and I still get rejected, no idea why?

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How much Robux are you trying to turn in? Roblox only exchanges if you exchange a specific value or higher

it’s above 30k . . . . . . . .

Oh… Then i dont really know, but you could research about your case a bit more here:

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