DevExing but at wrong email by accident

Hello there. I wanted to DevEx today, but I have inserted the wrong email, to be precise .con instead of .com. What can I do? I don’t want to wait until next month to DevEx the same sum.

Give it a few days for the DevEx program staff to process your request. You will most likely have your request rejected, in which you can make the corrections and file the request again. If it is rejected again, communicate with program staff on the next steps about how to proceed with your request. This is all assuming in good faith that you’re eligible for DevEx with or without the rejection.

You could also email them ahead of time. I do not know the processes for entering wrong information, so it’s best that you contact program staff for that. In general, most troubles you have with DevEx (verification, information and especially financial) should be taken up with program staff by emailing them and other miscellaneous problems can be asked on the DevForum. Hopefully you’ll get an answer by someone who’s actually DevExed rather than a speculative, unsubstantiated one.

Also, rule of thumb: since you’re handling the conversion of real money, double check your information. Thoroughly. Don’t put things through until you’ve checked them over. I went over my filing information at least five times. I don’t trust myself to enter it all perfectly in one try.