Devforum Beta Idea


I thought of this new suggestion that can improve the devfourm and prevent risks of bad decisions.

Simplified reasoning

  1. My proposed “Devfourm Beta” Will allow new suggestions and updates to be tested there before adding it to the real devfourm.
    1.5. The “Devfourms Beta” Will test big suggestions that might have an impact on the devfourm.

A good example of an suggestion that will have an impact on the devfourm is this:

  1. If the suggestion is good enough to be in the “Beta” it will be experimented with, and if it ends up being a successful feature it will be added to the devfourms.
    2.5: If the suggestion / update is a complete failure / Has bad effects, then It will be disregarded.

How will it work?

  1. There will be a setting on the settings that allows you to enable the “Devfourm Beta” This will update their page and show things that are tested.
    1.5. The user can interact with the new things that Roblox is experimenting with.

New categories
New layout
New markdown

  1. Users will post in the new categories, View the a layout, and etc.

2.5. Users will be greeted with a popup that tells them:
Is this new feature good?
With a star rating from 5
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

2.6. Once the user submits his review. It will be collected with many other reviews to form an average review.

2.7. IF the average review is high, then it will be implemented to the devfourms with the supervision of an admin.

2.8. If the thing that was accepted is very useful / good, then it will become an official part of the devfourm.


Instead of doubting feature requests, it can be tested instead. Who knows, the suggestion might be very beneficial to a lot of people.

Do you think this suggestion is good?
  • Yeah, This suggestion is good!
  • No, its bad
  • I’m not sure about it

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You should focus on problems rather than proposed solutions. Developer Relations has access to internal data and tools that allow them to create resolutions based on the problems you’re facing – writing feature requests in terms of solutions looking for problems is putting the cart before the horse; it’s backwards.

Developer Relations occasionally has feedback sessions and focus groups for talking to developers who use the forum to gain an understanding of their current use cases and problems with the forum and then use that feedback internally. They already have a set process for implementing features.

There’s too much text here and no clear indication of the problem you’re facing. Feature requests need to clearly highlight what problem there is that you want resolved.


They should add a off-topic category so we can ask how is everyone’s day and so on, make freinds, i wanna be able to have a nice chat with everyone.

There is a lounge category for that but it’s for regulars due to the fact that the forum is supposed to be a development focused forum (despite what it may seem)

What about one for members?, i dont have a place to be off topic :frowning:

You could write a feature request if you wanted that… if that hadn’t already been asked for ad nauseam by other members before you.

Part of the whole idea of the Developer Forum is meaningful, contributive, on-topic replies. If you want a place to be off topic then use external venues such as Guilded, Discord or Roblox message spaces (group wall, in-experience chat, etc). There’s no place for off-topic discussion on the forum and there shouldn’t ever be one either.

Most regulars of the forum, to my knowledge, who are still involved with the developer community, already participate in a Discord guild to talk to each other for miscellaneous topics or general IRC purposes and don’t have as much a use for the Lounge category.