DevForum Bug in Iphone XS Max

The Issue
As a Roblox Developer Forum user, I’m experiencing a bug for Iphone XS Max, the bug goes like this. Everytime I press or scroll down when I create a post or topic it appears to be blinking or glitching, this is actually an inconvenience for me because it makes me harder to make a certain post.


I’ve only experienced this in Iphone, though for android this bug never shows up.

Try reporting this to Discouse Meta, the official forum for the software this site uses. Also, I see your battery is low. Maybe it has sense with this :thinking:

No, this is more frequent, not just because the battery is low.

Still @DMCPEPlays’s point still stands this is 99% a discourse issue and therefor should be reported there

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Send this to discourse or it’s just the iPhone but if you have iOS 14 (Beta) your gonna find lots of problems.