DevForum, do you have any advice for my builds?

So I’ve been building quite a lot on Roblox over the last few years or so, and I’ve been particularly enjoying it recently. However, I’m always looking to progress and was wondering if the DevForum had any kind words or feedback on some of my creations.

I’m mostly looking for advice from top developers, or those who have been building for a long time as I sometimes still have doubts over my current skills.

I’ll leave below some of my best works so you can get the gist of what my buildings look like.

My Builds

Screenshot 2019-12-01 at 15.29.47

Looking forward to hear what you think about some of my creations!


You have very high quality builds, I’ll give you that. This is the style I used to build… around 5 years ago for almost anything. Every builder has their own style, even ‘top developer’ builders could have a bland style to their building- it’s just what style they’re comfortable with. I’m not a builder anymore, but about 5-6 years ago I used to do showcases and commissions all the time, so building used to be a hobby.

Only critiques I could possibly think of at the moment:

  • Work on the lighting. The first/second picture shows this more prominently, the black shadows on the roof are just unattractive.
  • Try playing around with ColorCorrection, and Bloom Effects to liven the place up a little (6th pic)
  • (suggestion) A lot of people are using models now to incorporate into their builds which make them a step above others, maybe try learning blender? :slight_smile:
  • Try not to get too neon-y

Other than that, stick to your own craft, you are pretty good at what ya’ do.


Some high quality builds, nice terrain as well.

Good work!


You have a great use of decals in the 8th and 9th photos, maybe consider adding things like that to the other photos?

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I certainly believe that your ceilings require more dimension. On the Japanese restaurant build, for example, the lights are too flat which looks strange with the star symbol in them. Ceilings that curve and lights that stick out give a better depth to a room.

On a similar note, the dividers you used between the seating areas aren’t properly symmetrical. Was this intentional?

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Your builds are amazing don’t get me wrong, but in some builds I see a lack of decoration. Maybe adding a few plants? Like in the restaurant?

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The lack of symmetry in the dividers was intentional, I was going for an interesting pattern instead of trying to make something symmetrical.