DevForum login API

A subproject I’ve been working on lately is a module to interact over HttpService with different discourse sites. The primary one I’m trying to interface with is DevForum. I’ve looked through the discourse API documentation for a login API to no avail. This makes sense, as I assume DevForum checks the .ROBLOSECURITY cookie or something. Is there an endpoint to log into DevForum with a Roblox account username and password, or even the .ROBLOSECURITY cookie?

I’m almost certain the dev forums doesn’t use ROBLOSECURITY or any Roblox-specific cookie. Why edit perfectly working code?

No modern website nowadays has a login API, they’re all using fancy OAuth (which Roblox should too).

I’m not very experienced with OAuth. My end goal is to be able to log into DevForum and by extension, be able to post topics, or reply to topics in which the logged in Roblox account has access to.

No matter how experienced you are with OAuth you won’t get anywhere because the dev forums don’t support it.

The best thing you can do is have a web server that pipes request through, and if for whatever reason piping requests through is too difficult it can use a headless browser. Either way, you’ll need your own web server.