DevForum Mobile UI Bug

I’m in my grandma’s house and there is no PC in here. So I use DevForum on mobile. But today when I opened DevForum the UI looks kind of stretched. It was nice before but now it looks different and bad. Like there is no space in both sides.

And I saw a new thing, maybe it’s an update for which this bug occurred.

Please fix this, it will be helpful for me and other people who uses DevForum in mobile. Because, it doesn’t look suitable for reading.


Yeah, extremely annoying when I’m somewhere else other than home. Sometimes clicks the wrong buttons too.

Would you mind checking if this padding is still an issue on your mobile device? Thanks!

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Now, there’s a weird padding issue on the topbar:

ah shucks, even the desktop version has the padding issue too…


Yes, the issue is still not fixed for me, I am using the Chrome home shortcut. And it’s same in the Chrome browser too. I explored whole DevForum and every button is working fine, only the UI is stretched. It disturbs my concentration a but I think I can be used with it in a few days. The device I’m using is Samsung.

But I discovered that if I rotate my screen it’s perfect for me. It looks like a PC experience in landscape mode.


I don’t like how there’s a gap next to the avatar. Now whenever I immiediently click the avatar, I would miss just because the avatar image is moved a little left.

Can I move it back?

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Hello, Im On PC And As Show in the photo the Top Bar Is Bugged:

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Look at the profile picture positions on the replies.
Started happenning today/before the thing on the bottom was added.

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Can confirm this happens on mobile with both the topbar and content.

Device: iPhone 8
Browser: Safari

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The extra padding around the header an misaligned embedded-reply avatar are now corrected.

I appreciate everyone’s patience.

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 9.26.38 AM
Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 9.26.48 AM


Thanks for helping this I did also find this Annoying.


Padding on the top bar is gone, can’t check replies because I’m on mobile and the button isn’t there

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There’s a new issue, my name or any text which is at the top touches the top bar.

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Would you mind elaborating on the behavior you are expecting?

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Everything is fixed today, thanks for solving the issue. It’s like before now.

I was expecting the game. Like, if there is no gap and the texts are touching the corners, it lo9ks awful to me. But today when I opened DevForum again this issue got solved.


Hello, @LuaCow on My Device issue has been not fixed
While on main page nav bar Is not correct, but While on a page of a post this issue no longer occours.

Are you still experiencing this issue?

Yes, Im Still Getting the same problem and also on PC the navbar, is not positioned correctly, you may notice a space from the browser and the navbar.

Mobile view:

Since a lot of time is passed and the website on mobile has been not fixed, any news about this problem? @LuaCow
Im still getting The same issue

What browser are you viewing the site on? I don’t seem to be able to replicate the issue.