Devlog 1 | FPS swat game

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This game is a passion project started by me. Any suggestions would be appreciated, don’t go too hard on me (I am a solo developer so I can’t fix everything.) If you wish to support me through this project constructive criticism comment would be appreciated.
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I plan on adding more features but as of now I have the gun system, the drywall breaking system, the lock system, and the door system.
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I Want Constructive Criticism, I do not want “This Sucks” or “This is terrible.” If thats what you think is constructive criticism then click off now.


this is pretty cool, couple of issues though:

  1. camera shake is way too less.
  2. shooting while walking backwards causes the animation to snap to the idle walking.
  3. the animation of the arms moving while sprinting is slower than expected.
  4. aiming down sights snaps the camera to the aim position, which is extremely jarring.
  5. the reload animations are too slow.
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With the animations I want them to be slow as the concept is a slow speed maybe like 10m missions to invade houses, buildings, ect. Anyway thanks for the feedback I will improve!

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