Devlog #1: Speedrunners (ALPHA)

Hey everyone! This is my first ever devlog about my game, Speedrunners (ALPHA)! Stay alert for new updates!
I’ve been working hard for 2 days and I’m safe to say that I’m nearly done with it. Here’s videos of me testing in Studio:

Things I’m planning to do are:

  • Add an obby in the lobby
  • Add gamepasses
  • Add a trail store
    Feedback is appreciated here :slight_smile:
    I’ll see you in the next devlog!
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I think the obstacles should be map theme based…Idk just my opinion

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This is still in testing phase. Making the obstacles more theme-like is one thing that I will do when the game is completed.

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exactly, what do you expect on the first devlog

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Looking good! It looks too easy, but the game is in early stages, so I’m sure type of stuff will be cleared out

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I hope the game won’t be released until it is polished. The game idea is amazing but the builds and the aesthetics don’t look the best. Hope you will improve that!

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Sorry guys but I have to delay Devlog #2 for a while. :frowning: My datastore is broken but I’ll be back tomorrow!
I’m currently adding:

  • Coins mechanic
  • Working datastore
    See you tomorrow for the devlog!

You should improve the terrain and adding in game game pass store should be the first thing you do. I’m currently making a game very similar to yours so maybe we can help each other. Hope we don’t become competitors!

I have been told not to use gamepasses because of P2W but I’ll try to find a way around it so it will still be fair :slight_smile:

Then just use gamepasses that are not P2W such as accessories.

Ok i looks good but i have some suggestions
1 - make the obstacles more spaced out so you can’t skip them
2 - make it so you actually have to do the obstacles and can’t just jump over them
3 - make the background scenery and obstacles look a bit better(If you want i can build some models.)

This post is pretty old so at this point the obstacles will be changed.

Lobbies aren’t too aesthetic and they are losing popularity and make a game look dodgy.
So you should replace the obby with a GUI
And make the maps harder
Otherwise I wouldn’t change anything, except what I said in my earlier post
: )