[DEVLOG] A meme gam XD

OK, so I felt like starting a devlog on this game, so why not?

So I want to know a few things to add so you can choose :smile:
say some suggestions in comments.

The game is a meme game so try to make the suggestions funny.


You shouldnt make devlogs for meme games

but, add more memes and add admin

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you could try to put the donate button under a proximityprompt instead of a uibutton.
the game looks very chaotic (i know that’s the style) but try toning down on it. many games manage to stuff it full of memes without being overwhelming.
few more memes you could add in:

  • hamburglar
  • some more photos of different memes
  • a bucket of chicken (literally)
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Thanks For the Suggestion!

What should the hamburglar do?

Thanks For The Suggestions!

The game is a one player game. Why Should i add admin?

I changed some gui and changed the walk animation!


Oops, didnt know that

Are there badges?

he could be an npc just wandering around. you could talk to him and make some side quests

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