Devoob Studio Game Rules


Everyone has the right to play any games we make, but rules must be followed for each player’s experiences to be enjoyable. Please note that any moderator in our group has the right to take the necessary action towards you.

Game Rules

  1. Do not flood the chat with any spamming. It will be counted as spamming, if you say any word or letter three times in a row in less than a couple of seconds.

  2. Do not consider being rude, or disturbing while playing the game. We very much would like to hear your feedback, but if you take it to the next level and go more insulting with your feedback, it will be considered breaking the rules.

  3. Do not advertise anything in our games. For example, saying “join this group”, will not be allowed. There are ways you can advertise, such as running ads on the Roblox website, etc.

  4. Do not find ways to bypass the filter. This also breaks Roblox Terms of Service.

  5. Any payment or transactions aren’t allowed in our game. Yes, of course Roblox allows you to sell shirts and pants, but you are not allowed to sell it or advertise it in our game.

  6. Do not ever harass anyone playing our game. This basically means you keep doing something, when they’ve already told you to stop. For example: Insulting, Threatening, etc.

  7. Discrimination is not allowed in our game.

  8. Revealing Personal Information is NOT allowed at all, and willing to do so can result in a permanent ban.

  9. Exploiting is not allowed, because of unfair advantages, and the risk of abusing it.

  10. Using bugs to cheat in the game is not allowed.

  11. Interfering someone or making the game rough for someone unjustifiably will result in a permanent ban with no appeal.

  12. Last of them all, breaking the Roblox Terms of Service will be against the rules.

Moderation Assistance

There are moderators out there in the game, that are able to assist and help you within any situation. Please do not waste their time, or troll them. They have the right to take action if you have broke any rules.


We know that moderators are not active 24/7 to make sure everyone is following the rules. You are able to report a player for breaking the rules. You will report them through our discord server which is linked on our group page.

If you have a feeling that something bad is about to happen, or something bad is going on, please try your best to screen record the situation so we clearly know what’s going on. When you screen record, we clearly have the evidence, therefore we know that the user has truly broken the rules.

All of our moderators are undercover, so people don’t act differently if they realize a moderator has joined.

When you have the evidence, please send it through the discord server, and we will take it seriously.


Thank you for taking your time to reading our rules. We hope that you have an amazing experience within our games. If you have found any bugs and/or glitches, please report it on our group wall.

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