DevTouchMovementMode Issue

I’m confused as to how to use DevTouchMovementMode. I know to use it on the server but I don’t know why it doesn’t work on client. While in the devtouchmovementmode wiki post it says that it must be changed via a SERVER script, but their example uses game.Players.LocalPlayer which is only usable on a local script. Is this a mistake in their page?


That would be improper, yes. You can report the issue in the code sample via the #bug-reports:developer-hub category. Although it’s not necessarily inaccurate and player can be seen as a placeholder variable for the target player, it gives the wrong impression at a cursory glance that it is usable from a LocalScript (i.e. people who won’t read the page properly and later complain that their code isn’t working as a result of that) or that LocalPlayer is accessible from the server (same case).

Okay, thanks for clearing it up. As a member only I don’t have access to bug reports I think I just tried posting something.

I’m experiencing the same issue and I can’t post it in bug-reports because i’m a member.

It’s quite annoying considering a lot of my playerbase are mobile users