Dex/Infinite Yield Detection Script

To set this up to be somewhat secure, place this into a local script in ReplicatedFirst and have the scripts first line be parenting script to nil. There are other ways to bypass this script but I will not be posting the detections for those here. Enjoy the script.

		while task.wait() do
			game:GetService("ContentProvider"):PreloadAsync({game.CoreGui}, function(CoreGuiID, _nil)
				if string.find(CoreGuiID, "rbxassetid://") or string.find(CoreGuiID, "rbxasset://DexStorage.rbxm") then
				warn("Suspicious UI Detected")

Awesome, can’t wait for this to be patched in a day!


There’s not a permanent patch for this, its an old method and has been out in public for a while.


And for proof it being out in the open, here is proof. How do you detect dark dex? - #487 by Mystery_Devx


Very cool! but you shouldnt open source these stuff because soon dex will notice it and patch ir


Read my replies above. Theres a script almost exactly like this that has been out for 5 months.

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yeah but u putting it in resources will make the chance more likely for dex to notice

it basically detects almost every single gui so yea, good prevention of coreGui exploits


If a script like that has been out for a while out like that, some people wouldve told 3ds and he wouldve noticed. There might not be a permanent patch to this as there are still other things you can look for when executing dex.

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Why do you release it again if it’s already released?

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The original reply takes a bit of time to find, I just added a few changes to the script and posted it in Community Resources

Thats not entirely true, this method relies on finding a file called “DexStorage.rbxm” but exploiters can just not set the gui in the coregui, they could set it directly to the players gui.
There are also drawing libraries that don’t use GUIs, but instead actually draw things to the client, making them quite literally undetectable. I’ve seen GUIs that rely on this library before and to my knowledge you can’t patch them.


This is already a public method btw, this is nothing new. Also it wont get immediatly “patched”, but exploits can have custom scripts that bypass this.

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include this to make sure there are no false detections.

	local GuiService = GetService(game, 'GuiService')
	while wait(2) do

this script may also flag false detections with backpack items (tool icons)

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Ah, that’s why literally nobody uses this script: It’s completely pointless and can be defeated instantly.

Local scripts can have :Destroy() run on them and bam, they no longer work. Doesn’t matter if you parent them to nil or not, as any self respecting exploit has a multitude of ways to get nil instances (the most popular one literally having getnilinstances() which returns a whole table of them.)

for i,v in pairs(getnilinstances()) do
    if v:IsA("LocalScript") then

So much for “somewhat secure” considering you shouldn’t be putting stuff in nil anyway.


I inserted it into ReplicatedFirst and there seems to be an infinite loop of detections.

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This method of detection isn’t very secure anyways and bypass methods have already been available for months now afaik.

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Basically if you have items with textures, it can get false positives. Make a whitelist system for that.

Do you not know anything about exploiting? You cant destroy a nil LocalScript, best thing you can do is bypass Kick() but I already have a detection for that by wrapping game:Kick() in a pcall and checking it constantly. Plus im working on implementing Anti HookFunction and Anti MetaHook. All though it is still bypassable with those layers of protection (including other small detections so user cant error the script and such), it will be extremely difficult to bypass and time consuming to bypass.

Oh and I also have script = nil in that to confirm it cant be deleted.

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Yeah those kind of ones that draw are undetectable, and above that dex storage one that is right and such. This post was made for mainly anti cheat devs so they know what to do with the DexStorage.rbxm and with detecting player gui and such cause of how easy it is. For some reason I can only detect Synapse Inf Yield and not Scriptwares with this, even with my anti hook in place, I am currently finding more detections.