DHRCI* | Official Handbook

Welcome to DHRCI*!

What is DHRCI*?

DHRCI* is a international virtual corporation that pushes global human rights and democracies process of all ROBLOX groups which is wishing to respect humanity and democracy. DHRCI* is not only a international corporation. We sometimes cooperate with intergovernmental organization in real life to help out people who are indeed for assistances while using metaverse platforms. DHRCI* is a global-friendly, helpful, and a trustful international corporation. We’ve cooperated and helped out over 48 roblox users in total since establishments.

At 2022, DHRCI* services will be extended to groups, which providing specialized services to group that requested for individual assistance from DHRCI*. We can’t wait to start helping out the ROBLOX community, and we always do better than other virtual charity organization.

DHRCI* | Establishments

DHRCI* is founded & established by UhLucaz
Created since May 2021

DHRCI* | Partnerships

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