Did activity play a major role in getting invited?

Alright guys, so after thinking hardly, i remember roblox saying something about activity. They said that your activity towards the devforum also counts. (Dont quote me on this but I’m pretty sure i saw this somewhere) Your work is probably really good on your portfolio but it’s also likely that activity played a role in this.

  • Im active and i got invited
  • Im inactive and i got invite
  • Im active and i didn’t get a invite
  • Im inactive and i didn’t get invited
  • I got invited anyway
  • I didn’t apply

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Honestly, it’s not healthy to make assumptions about how Roblox manages their invitation process. It’ll just make you worry over countless variables, some of which may even be out of your control.

Here are the things we do know:

  • The Forum has increased in size. More people becoming a developer = More people wanting to attend

  • While the initial phases follow a pattern, the application phase likely has not.

  • We do not know how Roblox have selected specific individuals. For all we know, it could be based on your moderation history, or how many games with a roblox toy you’ve played (obviously not but meme).

Your theory is definitely valid in some cases, but I also know of plenty of people, who are not in the devforum, but have been invited to the conference in Wave 3 or Wave 2. Not every developer is on the forum! :stuck_out_tongue:


i assume the bulk of invites are given to people who have already been to RDC/were invited the prev year. first wave invites were fairly few i believe, being reserved for top contributors or other highly engaged community members. second wave invites were people who attended or were invited last year. third wave invites were given to ‘new’ attendees, people who werent invited last year (i think), and fourth wave i can assume are lesser known community members and RDC applicants. (i think)
i would assume your likeliness to be a ‘new invite’ is based around your notability in the community, and while being active on the devforum will increase that, it’s not the only factor at play. the devforum is also expanding much faster than the availability of RDC tickets (the venue can host only so many people and bigger venues are expensive) and so naturally there’s a lot more “competition” for who is included in the ‘new invites’ every year


It’s already been answered but one of the criteria to get invited is to have been to last year’s RDC

No, I never went last year??? So I don’t think it’s true.

That would be false. Because I’ve never gone to RDC until last year and was invited in 2017 and 2018 and again this year.


Here is the answer from a while ago, also I said one of the criterias never specificly said that’s the only one

I’m active-ish and got an invitation last year in Wave 3. However, the invitation somehow didn’t get sent properly, and staff fixed the issue promptly after I asked them if all full Members would get an invitation.

As far as I know, the same thing happened this year. :man_shrugging:

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I clicked on the wrong one, whoops! :cold_sweat: - I’m active and I did get invited.