Did the module update happen?

Hi, so I was checking around on the dev forum and I have been seeing people say that their modules no longer work today, so I went to check in studio and alas it appears my modules are broken. So my question is that did the update actually get implemented/turned on today?

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Take a peak at the main thread. Nothing official has been said.

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It happened.

Quite honestly, I am not sure. One of our developers said that one of our main modules was throwing an error, we are assuming it happened but nothing official has been said about it.

pretty sure it happened, my admin stopped working in a friend’s game.

Yes, the feature was removed.

Again, there has been multiple reports but nothing official has been said. You should refer to the official original post.

The change was intended for Feb 1 but did not occur. See previous.

I highly doubt that closed source modules suddenly broke so that’s why people are assuming the most logical thing - that this update was pushed.


Can concur - private modules that we used in a group game have suddenly stopped working over the last few hours. Update’s probably happened by now.

It would be expected to assume such a thing, however you don’t 100% confirm that it is until someone at Roblox has officially announced it.

Also posting onto the main thread may be better.

Not appropriate for support category, please use the main update thread for comments and questions.