Did your first game turn out to be like how you wanted?

Hello, I wanted to ask you all if your first game has turned out to be like how you expected it to turn out.

This is my game:

I appreciate feedback.

Drop y’all’s first game so me and others can see what you’ve created and give you feedback. If you can give yourself feedback, it means that you have grown and now are a bit more experienced developer.

For me, yes the game has turned out to be like how I wanted, it’s still not fully how I really wanted it to be, but for the fact that it’s my first game, I am really proud of what I and others have created, I really am excited about the release of this. Just some minor fixes are needed.


My first game was a simulator and its made around 2018 and I have just given up on it.

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Could you also check out my game? btw your game is AWESOME! you can be really proud of it! I like how it has a premium only space, the sound effects of catching the gems plus coins and the pets you can hatch. I do not really play these kind of games and I don’t know if something like that has been done before, but it was good. Mind sharing your newest project? :slight_smile:

I’ll check out your game. I am still making my new project :mag:

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Just tried out your game. Its actually not bad :slight_smile: I saw an eyeball starring at me at one point … but I like the game.

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No, My first game was a go-kart racing game made up of free models. It did not turn out the way I wanted.
It was a mess XD

it really does sound awesome though!

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Still working on my first game, but it sure is shaping up to be what i wanted. Not rushing the release and following the “it will be ready when its ready” mindset has helped. Hope to be able to share it with everyone soon :slight_smile:

It was fun though lol, Very crazy lol

you shouldnt always have a “it’s ready when it’s ready mindset” or else it won’t ever get released. Give yourself a deadline. 5 months from now, maybe?

I mostly meant that i originally planned some features and i want to have those features working properly before release. I do have a deadline and tentative release date so it should be all good soon :slight_smile:

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My first Game is just a obby. I moved it to my group and have updated it a few times. Its just basic. It has a infinite obby and three areas.

My first game was a Robux Scam, I got a few thousand plays and I earned a Premium Payout. All the assets were free and I did not advertise it at all.
Now im working on a new project, I hired a coder and a builder off Fiverr, Im really clutching on this

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When I first developed, yes. When I developed for years and looked back at my first game, no.

My first game had free models…


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My first game was a Sonic the Hedgehog game. It contained Admin Commands and a bunch of free models too. This was made in summer of 2018.

Mt first game had two free models lol.

My first game was called Pursuit Legends (A action racing game). It was being made during 2019. At the end of 2019 my friend joined me and we created a studio called Shavex Studios. We abandoned the game because the idea was too ambitious for us (we both weren’t really experienced as we are now) and decided to make a TPS (Third Person Shooter) called Wildfire Battlegrounds. Progress was going really well we found some people to help us, we barely made any progress during 2020, in may a final decision about abandoning the project and studio was taken. Now, the only thing that’s left are memories, only onle place of Pursuit Legends and no any trails of Wildfire Battlegrounds. My friend is now a modeler and I am a game designer/builder. Damn I was only supposed to say if my first game turned out like I wanted and I wrote a whole story about the fate of our ambitions

My first game was on my terminated account (ineedpetfish) and was just a grass floor with free model trees and free models guns. I tried to make a secret admin pad but it didnt work (because i didnt have any admin in my game).

Roblox What if? My second game isn’t that good (People say I have a great concept but terribly executed it.) There’s a bug that prevents some people from moving and the gui is basic. The original music was grating so I replaced it. BigSnow.io - Roblox if you want to play it. I need to make a thumbnail lol. This did not turn out the way I wanted.
My first showcase was just some vfx I had made. If you want to see it, then here you go: Visual Testing - Roblox

My first hangout (basic little hub for my games, showcases, and merch) is this: Glitchy Hangout - Roblox