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Who am i?

Hello, my name is DieselTraction. As it says in the title: I am a builder. I joined Roblox in late 2015 and started developing in late 2016. I learned to build pretty quickly and then went on to learn to program.

Some examples of recent commissions

Example one:

Colton contacting me on Discord firstly asking for some wild west buildings, we negotiated a payment and i got to work and made them:

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The month after he came back and ordered some more buildings, this time based off Assassins creed 3. Again we negotiated a payment and i went and made the buildings.

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“DieselTraction is able to build detailed and unique structures, not copied or similar to anyone else. Whether it’s from modern day buildings or even Colonial styled structures, you can count it to be done with effort and for a fair price.” - Colton.

Example two:

Dimitrios contacted me wanting a murder mystery map. We negotiated the size and price and i went on to build it:

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Example 3:

Vladimer and his partner Lnterpretable came to me asking for a nuclear city map so as usual we negotiated a price and size and i got to work. After i had finished and got payed they decided to get the map extended too.

‘Brilliant work, did exactly as asked in detail and remained friendly throughout. Would definitely order from him again.’ - Lnterpretable.

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Some examples of my work:

Firstly, here is part of a small, real life street i made called South Street which is located in Perth, Scotland

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Here is what i would say to be my most impressive train so far which is the British rail intercity 125 HST (Class 43) which is currently in Rails unlimited. This was also made with CSGV2 but the curving still came out very well.

More Railway related builds

Next is the British rail Class 156/4 in SPT rail livery i made for Grand continental railways. This was made using CSGV2.

And lastly here is an engine shed i built with some help from @Supersnel11 for me and his game Grenzebahn. This is based of a real life German narrow gauge shed. I really like the wood and brick architecture as it really suites the surroundings.

Work in progress: Plaxton President bodied Dennies Trident.

More bus related builds

Alexander Royale bodied Leyland Olympian in Lothian buses livery.

You can also view my latest work on my twitter which can be found here: https://twitter.com/DieselTraction


I am able to work from around four hours every day on Weekdays (Exceptions in the holidays) and eight to ten hours daily at the weekend.


Payments will be negotiated per job. I usually prefer One-time Paypal payments for assets but if i make a decent portion of a game i would prefer a recurring percentage of the game’s income.

I accept Paypal or Robux however the robux has to be equal to what it would be in real money after Devex


You can either DM me on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/DieselTraction

Or DM me on Discord at: Joseph#0268

My Roblox - https://www.roblox.com/users/96605040/profile - Please note i do not respond to messages on Roblox.


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