Different account logged into devfourm vs roblox

As a developer…

I use my alt account when posting on DevFourm, because this account gained access to the Forum first and I don’t want to get my other one on now because I have badges etc.

Because I use a different account on the DevFourm site then the Main Roblox Site , I have to sign into both. And I randomly get logged out of DevForum.

Currently, DevFourm redirects you to the Roblox Main Site, and try’s to log you in on the account you are signed into on the web browser. Then it signs you in and redirects you back to DevFourm. I don’t want that!

It would be nice if you would be greeted with a login button like so:
I tried to make a design idea.

This would be super nice.


You can log into your one account on roblox.com, log into the forum, and then log out again and into your other account on roblox.com.

It seems very niche to have this account picker on the site. You might want to request “easy way to switch between Roblox accounts” as a Website Feature, then you can use that to take a few steps out of the process.


I randomly will get logged out, like every 2 days.

Hello there, If you weren’t concerned by buildthomas, listen to this.
I was once on my other main account, pleasssssa and when i tried to go to devforum it was error since i wasn’t on my FISHGROOT account on the roblox website. When i logged in into FISHGROOT, it worked.

1 more thing, in your topic there are some spelling mistakes, try to fix those.