Difficulties with translating an .csv from English into Spanish syntactically

This is my first time using the Localization feature for Roblox, and I am currently translating all things in my game from english into spanish. It was all going well until I came into this error:


It says that the column, es-es is invalid, yet that is the language I am translating too, am I mistaken?

Here is the table that I’m using.

Here is also the current setting on the Localization Tools tab in studio:

I’m quite stuck here, and the logic isn’t making any sense to me. If you can help me, please do. Thanks in advance!

Try using the ISO-639-1 code, and change the ‘es-es’ to ‘es’. I only use that codes, and for me it works.

Yeah. I figured that out a while ago. es-es does not work but es alone does in fact work.