Difficulty reversing the AnimationTrack


Today I am working on getting a Mounting animation (Onto a Horse) to play in reverse to be able to be used as a Dismounting animation. The animation loads and I can get it to play; however, reversing the animation isn’t working as I thought it to be.

This code just plays the animation as if the speed was positive 1


This code doesn’t even allow the animation to play (Please note that the 0.100000001 and the first positive 1 are the default values associated with the Play function, with negative 1 being the speed to reverse it)

AnimationTrack:Play(0.100000001, 1, -1)

The only way I’ve been able to get the animation to reverse is using the following code. But there is a small lapse of time where the character is doing the beginning of the animation.

AnimationTrack.TimePosition = anim.Length

Is there a way I can just have it start from the end of the animation to work its way back?

Try this

AnimationTrack.TimePosition = anim.Length
AnimationTrack:Play(0.100000001, 1, -1)

I am not 100 sure.

Hmm nope, the animation doesn’t play. Or if it does it ends instantly.

And only the second line will do what (I am on mobile, so I can’t test)

Yeah it’s like it just starts and ends immediately with that

So is there any difference if you use the 1st line or not (sry, I am on mobile, so I can’t test it)

No there doesn’t seem to be any difference

And when you will enter this line after both lines:
what will be the output?

1.4166666269302 after the first line
0 after the second

ok, try to put 2nd line on 1st place and 1st on 2nd place