Dimension Duels X Shadow Duels Update

The update contains:

  • Shadow Duels! Talk to the strange man in the Sewer to find out more.
  • Millennium Items! Ancient artifacts that give you certain advantages in Shadow Duels!
  • 2 New Disks! Aigami’s Disk from Dark Side of Dimensions makes its appearance, alongside the Dark Signer disk from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds!
  • Plain Sleeve Seller! Near the apartment building, you’ll find a guy who’ll sell you plain coloured sleeves.
  • Dawn of Majesty! The latest set in the OCG is now in the game, featuring support for cards like Stardust, along with new archetypes like Magikey!
  • Equipping! On Spells/Traps, there is now an Equip button to equip cards to monsters you or your opponent control.
  • The Soul Shop! The man in the Sewer may offer you his goods if you complete a task for him - this includes the 2 new Disks, the Millennium Items, and 3 sleeves!

This update also contains a new currency: Souls
You can get Souls by winning Shadow Duels.
You get 1 Soul if you win against a standard opponent, however if your opponent bears a Millennium Item, you will get 2 Souls instead.
(Duels must last 3 minutes+ to count)

What would Shadow Duels be without the Shadow Realm?
When you lose a Shadow Duel, you will get sent to the Shadow Realm, a small and eerie map unaccessible by any other means. Upon arrival, you will swiftly notice an obby ahead of you. You have 7:30 minutes to complete it, and if you don’t, you will still return as normal, but face an ASTRAL penalty. Completing the obby means you get out earlier and do not have to face this penalty.