Dimension Duels X Update 13/09/2021

  • Added Playmats! 45 Playmats are now in the game, and can be found in each shop. You can toggle these on/off in the Duel Settings.
  • New Duel Animations! Thanks to WizardMaster29, we have fresh animations for the Duel Disks in the game.
  • New Cards, including new Rush Cards! Cards from the Agent Structure Deck, alongside the TCG exclusives for Dawn of Majesty and the cards from Grand Creators, make their appearance, along with many more.
  • 2 new Disks! The Atlas Disk, modelled after Jack Atlas’s Duel Disk, is available in the City. The Rebellion Duel Disk has also been reworked into the Rebellia Duel Disk, it can be purchased from the Park (If you own the Rebellion Disk, you shall keep it, you can purchase the new model from the shop)
  • New Sleeves! The sleeves that were created by the Top 3 of the Sleeve Contest have been added to the City.

(Please bare in mind the Fusion Cards in Rush are not yet released in the card game, so they have not been added)
The banlist has also been updated.