Dimension Duels X Update 23/04/2022

The Easter update is now live (Yes, I know we’re late; sorry!)
This update includes:

  • The Egg Hunt! There’s 75 different Eggs scattered around the entire map, and you’ll unlock these rewards at certain milestones:
    • 25 Eggs: Bunilla Sleeve
    • 50 Eggs: Bunnyblaster Disk
    • 75 Eggs: The elusive Artifact, the Millennium Egg!
  • Duel Emotes! We’ve streamlined the process of dueling by adding an emote menu with very common phrases, such as “Thinking…”, “Okay”, “I declare an attack!”, etc.
  • New cards! The cards from the Power of the Elements set, including the powerful Splights, have been added.
  • New Sleeves, Playmats, and Alt. Arts!
  • Disguis Animation Rework!
  • Character Animations for Dice Roll and Coin Flip have also been added.

There are no banlist changes in this update.

Sorry for the delay, enjoy.