Direction for my game


Before we start here is the link to my game:
For if you want a more visual representation of what I currently have. The area you spawn is the tutorial area introducing you to the gam, just go through the tunnel to get to the main area. The minigames are in the back, currently there is nothing indicating it but just stand on the giant round square.

I want to make an original simulator game, not one like all the nearly identical simulators with a different subject. The basic collection system is part of the game but there are other ways to get the currency for variety and excitement.

I am out of ideas and currently kinda lost with where to go, i need original inspiring ideas for my game.

I already have an idea for a companion in the form of a tiny cookie that walks with you, talks to you and is customizable. I also made a minigame system with currently just one minigame (not completely finished) which is a cookie eatingcompetition.

Which direction would you go?

Thanks in advance!

It would be much better if this was in a huge kitchen and players are small and they collect cookies because… Cookies lying on grass? We don’t know what touched those things! Also I didn’t get a tutorial at all and I didn’t see a cookie that I could customize. Maybe you could have ranks as well instead of just collecting cookies, and you could have different types of cookies that give more points depending on which cookie they collected. And there could be like enemies to fight since you get a cookie that follows you around everywhere, gotta make that thing useful. Like you could have a brownie enemy around the map or you could have a milk boss battle.

Try to make the world more “cookie-themed”, because a generic woodland landscape doesn’t clash well with pastry items (unless you’re Yogi Bear and it’s a picnic basket hunt). Try a bakery, kitchen (like @DOUBLEcactus11 said), or a magical faraway “Cookie Land”.

How about different cookie types, like Vanilla Wafers, Chocolate Chip, and Oreos? Maybe use bakers or the Girl Scouts as the main NPCs? I’m thinking of Cookie Clicker when writing this.