[Disabled, See Update] New Experiences Have Team Create Enabled

This sucks.

This sucks, and I feel that I shouldn’t leave a comment because all the good feedback seems to fall on some ignorant deaf ears, but I think I should add anyway: I, in the strongest of words, condemn a majority of the decisions the product team has been making in the past few years.

No alternatives to cut features and programs. No communication on the talks, observations or developer feedback that go into building these features. Are even top developers becoming second class citizens considering the workflows they absolutely use are being gutted? I don’t understand. Make it make sense, because a damn long string of updates lately have not been making any sense.

What is the point in setting up programs and the like if the only way we can see these changes is a printer straight into a shredder? So many times we’ve been invited for feedback programs, internships and other programs to express our issues working with Roblox… only for product to make the experience so much more nightmarish and insane to deal with.

I don’t want the cloud to be the future, I want it to be an option. I just want to make games here on Roblox without the artificial friction that’s being caused by tone deaf changes to the platform. I understand that some things need to be phased out but can product not consider that some functionality should never be phased out like the ability to take Studio offline because it empowers workflows and doesn’t leave developers at the mercy of the already-poor platform uptime? Just why do we need to keep suffering from these nonsensical decisions? We use your platform, and you want our feedback, but keep setting up a wall for us to scream at. Why do we, who should be the first class citizens of the platform, not have a larger influence over the tool we use?

Why? I don’t get it anymore.

I haven’t been considering alternatives because Roblox offers me everything except a product team that cares about its should-be first class citizens and I don’t have transferrable skills to take elsewhere, but I might have to seriously start considering.

It’s worthless even expressing anything other than my utter sadness and inability to continue working on Roblox as the developer experience becomes exponentially more difficult to break through, whether new to Studio or not. This feature is a beta. Roblox isn’t suddenly going to scrap the work put towards forcing this down our throats because we said no. It’s either we get some lousy compromise that doesn’t address our fundamental complaints or we get the change as-is, not “we recognise our developers’ voices and will not move forward with a change that will negatively affect the experience of our developers” or “this change needs to be made because XYZ”.

It’s sad. It’s exhausting. I don’t have the continued strength to be mad anymore. It’s all just wasted emotion. And yes, while this is in response to an inane update, said update also paints a vague picture of the future of Roblox Studio. This is a segway into the developer experience being butchered more for some idealistic vision that we, the ones who propel Roblox, aren’t even let in on.

I want to believe in Roblox but I can’t. Product just keeps letting us down. I know they see our replies but it feels like they just don’t care anymore.


The Team Create switch shouldn’t be hidden behind a settings tab with hundreds of other settings, it should be always visible because new Developers won’t know about this change and will definitely have to deal with issues like the servers having issues, how they do almost every weekend.

This will definitely drive new developers away because they simply can’t access what they’re meant to use.


I find this update… Kind of worsening studio? I dont know, normal team create seems just about fine and more than enough.

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If you can’t tell from the massive backlash this post is getting, change or at minimum SOME communication is needed.

This update forcibly changes the workflow for everyone and for no communicated or reasonable reason and seemingly no benefit for anyone, what is this for? If it even is for anything.

This kind of reckless and silent behavior is what makes developers lose trust and switch platforms, don’t forget that the entirety of Roblox’s existence relies on said developers, well, developing.

At minimum, say something. Why is this being done, and what for?
All my other points I thought of have been raised by others so I’ll leave it here.


I can give you a recommendation based on my thoughts and of most (if not all) developers: add that switch without a setting to toggle but set it to be disabled (so Team Create disabled) by default. I don’t see the point of adding a whole setting just to show/hide the switch haha, just keep it visible at all time at this point. I don’t mind the update and I did enable the beta feature, but I really do not understand why the switch wouldn’t just stay there the whole time instead of being toggable. Anyways glad to see improvements are being made on this feature and that Roblox is listening to feedback.

Also I believe the developers under this thread are exaggerating and not understanding the whole point of this update is to remove what they are complaining about, which is Team Create being enabled by default. I guess clicking a button is too much of a trouble for some people.

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Hey there Roblox employee (prob from DevRel, thanks DevRel) reading all the feedback,

Thanks for reading all this feedback (or at least the feedback that got to the summary view), if you’re wondering after the near 100th reply about how this is a terrible update and need deep revision, wondering how this could have been prevented I have a lovely thread you can send up the chain.

It’s entirely possible to mininise the problem, and it’s that Community Feedback should be part of the decision making process.

I see forcing developers to make a million places that clog up our studio interface, unable to really organise our places in any meaningful way, as a really non-ideal way of dealing with the issue. Maybe if the community was part of the feedback process that we could have given our views and you could have explained it, interated and the best version is made. No, we’re forced to create storms to fore Roblox to reconsider and I don’t think that’s healthy for either of us, I want to change that.


It should be shown by default… This update is making things harder, most of the times when I create a new place I want it to be a local file because its more reliable and I have piece of mind that I wont lose my progress if my choppy internet cuts out, worst case it just stops loading assets instead of kicking you off the game.

It would be better if they introduced a better autosave feature for local files.

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This update could be improved by having the option to enable team create when creating a new game I believe.


Roblox needs to be more transparent and allow room for feedback, unlike here where whoever in charge of pushing this update, has completely ignored all the feedback from the previous post.


From curiosity, how do you work with datastores in that case? Do you just not try to load data at all when in studio?

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Roblox is TOTALLY forcing team create, a lot of developers would like to have Local Studio files, because a lot of them don’t have good internet, I know there’s the switch, but Roblox made this, instead of what a lot of developers asked, I think that 20-25% of developers asked for this, I’m not sure, and I think at least 75-80% of them asked for other features like more control over physics, better effects, and a lot more that has nothing to do with team create, that’s why everybody is upset with this update, because they are not listening to the community :rage:

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You, you took the time to answer Roblox with this 3 minutes reply, you are a legend, you are so right, Roblox is not listening to us, I’m starting to think that ALL of the Roblox staff on the DevForun is simply bots that answer messages with pre made ones


Yes they are probably trying to hide it

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Te abut they could’ve spent this time doing something that the COMMUNITY asked?!

They did though? As i’ve said the entire point of this update is to make sure developers can opt-out from default Team Create (which is what people didn’t want) even after the update is out of beta. The only thing that people could complain about is the fact that the switch is hidden by a setting, and i’m also against it as I said in my post, so I don’t see your point here.

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Yes but they spent alll of this time making this update, even though this is not a priority, priorities were waht the community asked not what Roblox wants, obviously depends on the case but still, they should listen more to us

Okay I get your point. You mean they could’ve spent the time of this update on a more requested update. I get that, in fact I agree. But remember Roblox has teams of people working on different updates at the same time. Unfortunately it is not in our power to change their work style and asking them won’t do much. After all Roblox is a company that needs to grow, obviously this update was targeted to big game studios (= the studios that bring the biggest amount of money to Roblox) rather than devs creating games by themselves. The only thing we can do is hope Roblox develops requested updates as soon as possible.

Yes but they are not listening to the community, a lot of people here said that big developers on Roblox don’t even use team crate, so what’s the point?

Team create is already so buggy and broken, I do trust anything to function correctly while using it. This update is only going to break studio so much more, I know it. It’s crazy how is probably going to happen even though the majority of people don’t want it.

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Nice update, but does that option allows for those who are in the beta program or is it available for everyone?