Disabling auto respawn bug/improper use?

I disabled Players.CharacterAutoLoads because I have a custom spawn system. However, when I set Players.CharacterAutoLoads to false, when I join the game nothing in StarterGui is cloned into PlayerGui. Is this an intended feature? With CharacterAutoLoads set to false do I have to manually clone all the StaerterGui’s into PlayerGui?

Here is an example of what I mean. There is a GUI but it wont load when you click Play. Why does disabling character spawns also prevent GUIs being cloned into PlayerGui from StarterGui?
respawn.rbxl (16.5 KB)

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The StarterGui is not cloned until the player’s character is loaded.
So if PlayerCharacterAutoloads is off you will need to call LoadCharacter() first.

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Yes, this is an intended feature image
(cf. the entry for the StarterGui)

So yes, you’d need to manually clone the GUI(s) into the PlayerGui if you’d like the player to see them prior to their character being spawned/loaded in.


Thank you! I will proceed to manually clone them in then.

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