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Can you explain more? I don’t understand! :sweat_smile:

Just contain SGM1 and SGM2 inside the table.

why you want to get the random 2 values?

Is the variable local descendants = game.Workspace.Test a Folder in workspace?

Do you mean this? Though this doesn’t make any sense since you already created a table with the strings in it.

local toSearch = {
    "SGM1", "SGM2", "SGM3", "SGM4", "SGM5", "SGM6", "SGM7", "SGM8", "SGM9", "SGM10"
local toFind = { "SGM1", "SGM2" }

local result = {}

for _, item in toSearch do
    if table.find(toFind, item) then
        table.insert(result, item)

This doesn’t make any sense because toFind is already what result is going to become after running the script.

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