Discontinuing Scary Game

Hey everyone, there are a few things that I would like to discuss. First off, I don’t like Scary Game (shocking, as I made it). I think the concept was good and original until I ruined it by polluting it with a bunch of “cringy” things that made the game less enjoyable over time.

Secondly, the game does not reflect my true skill as a developer, at all. Scary Game didn’t take too much effort to make. Initially, I tried to do the best I could on the game, until I gave up and started adding “lazy code” to it. In fact, having the game up is embarrassing to me.

Lastly, the game is dead. It used to have some players with 3-4 in a server 24/7, but now, it has 0 players 90% of the time, unless I advertise it.

If you play Scary Game sometimes, don’t worry! I am keeping the game open for another year or so. Don’t feel ashamed for playing it, if you like the game, then play as you wish.

I am working on much better projects under the group “BoundlessJ Studios.”