Discord Bot + ROBLOX

Hey Developers, I just had a question which I couldn’t find the answer to and I was hoping you could assist me,

I’m currently programming a Discord Bot I would like to have the ability to micromanage my ROBLOX group e.g. remote demotions and kicks from my Discord Server.

Does any of this violate ROBLOX or Discord TOS before I go ahead and start it? (I looked or the answer on both and couldn’t find it)



No it dosen’t, It does nothing against the Roblox/Discord TOS.
There are alot of bots has the same function of what you said, and its not against The roblox or discord TOS.


It isn’t against the TOS, especially since many people have made bots that do similar things.
It would only be bad if you i.e. spammed a webhook from roblox. But making your bot perform a change rank request to roblox when you type a command is fine.

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That is all correct.
I’d suggest to use noblox.js if you are coding it in javascript/node.js