Discord webhook reply thing

So, I went into one of those serverside games and I saw a popup in the bottom left corner saying “Hey BigBanHam” (because I was banned for 3 days for no reason so I am using an alt called BigBanHam) and I said “Who is that” and they replied “NoOne, we are talking through discord.”

Now I was wondering, how can I do that from my discord server into my roblox game using webhooks?

I tried doing webhooks but I just don’t understand, I did it once but after one pop up it just stops.

The only way this is possible is via a Custom backend API (To send and recieve the data).
You would need a VPS to host this and knowledge of Lua / Javascript.

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Oh. I don’t know how to do that.

Is there any other way to do it?

Unfortunatly there isnt any other method.

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Well uh, how do I set it up and does it cost money?

It would cost money to run it yes, and You would need to learn some kind of programming language and be advanced with it.

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Also one question, they said they could control the server and I told them “I need proof” and they spawned in a part in the workspace (and shoved it in my face :expressionless:) How would they done that too?

There has to be another way. I know there is but roblox people haven’t discovered it yet nor have I… (except those people)

There isnt any other way, but most likely they are using Btools or some kind of Admin system to do that.

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Yes, I thought so. But they weren’t in the server. Like I said, they were in discord.

They said they used webhooks for the chat, which I know how to do but other than that, stumped.

Then its a whole custom API. which recieves data from an offsite server.

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After you reply, I will just wait for more answers I guess :expressionless:

Yes they would use webhooks to do this but to send the data back u need an Offsite server to send it, (Roblox doesnt do websockets Unlike discord). Most likely it is a loop that returns data from the users database. (stored offsite).

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Right then, thanks. Until next helpful comment, I guess!

There isnt any other way to do this except that I have already listed. There isnt a exactly usefull way to do this, Except looping data back and forward.

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Oh, ok. Well that is sad.