Discord Webhook text isn't working

Whats happening with my code is it isn’t showing the text from the textbox, Screenshot_299
My code is

local http = game:GetService("HttpService")
	if script.Parent.Parent.thebug.Text ~= "Your report has been sent!" then
		local http = game:GetService("HttpService")
		local Data = 
			["content"] = "",
			["embeds"] = {{
			["title"] = "Bug Report",
			["description"] = (script.Parent.Parent.thebug.Text),
			["color"] = E03C3C,
			["footer"] = {
				["text"] = "Sent by ".. script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Name 
		Data = http:JSONEncode(Data)
		http:PostAsync("https://discordapp.com/api/webhooks", Data) --Put the link you saved between the two quotes.)
		script.Parent.Parent.thebug.Text = "Your report has been sent!"
		script.Parent.Parent.thebug.Text = ""
		script.Parent.Parent:TweenPosition(UDim2.new(0.3, 0, 0.7, 0), "In", "Quad", 2)

I can put “hi” for the description it shows up but if I do (script.Parent.Parent.thebug.Text) it doesn’t.
How can I fix that?

You can’t use HttpService on the client.
You’re going to have to have a server-script to handle the request, and send the data via remote to the server.
Also, for future references, to format code you do

print('hello world')

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I recommend you delete the webhook part by the way, or create a new one when done as everyone has access to it now.

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That was already done. However thanks for the notice.

This is not the issue, Its already being sent on a server script, the issue is that the description isn’t being shown, the webhook its self is being sent.

If this is indeed on a server script, why are you using a server-script to have interaction on client-sided related things like text input? You need a local-script to handle the sending to the server, i.e buttondown>send server textbox content via remote> server reads remote event> sends http post