Discord webhooks don’t work ingame

Just a word of advice, using Discord webhooks for logging proposes is not allowed and can get your Discord account banned! (They might have changed this since I last checked)

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Time to construct your own proxies, have fun! Hopefully this isn’t a permanent change, then again using discord for logs is against TOS.

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discord has banned webhooks from roblox again

We will have to wait apparently until then you could try discordapp.api instead discord.api should work.

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Use Likes instead of replying to support a previously made point.

This is a bug report. Don’t reply discussing about proxies and other workarounds. Create a discussion topic elsewhere.

Confirming that this works!

We don’t use Discord to log data like errors or anything, but we do use Discord webhooks for other purposes, like player feedback.
I didn’t think this would work, but I’m surprised it did!

Just change your webhook URL (if you use that) to discordapp.com/api and not discord.com/api

Stop liking this it doesn’t work anymore.
Use a proxy. This one respects rate limiting at works like an absolute charm.


You can also use Guilded.gg. It’s owned by Roblox, and hasn’t blocked Roblox. The format for messages/embeds is the exact same as Discord


Now that I remember, somewhere in the official API documentation says that they are changing the api url from “discord.com” to “discordapp.com”, they were deprecating the “discord.com” url and they would eventually remove them, if this were the case then it is not related to Discord banning Roblox again!

EDIT: NOT THE CASE, the “discordapp.com” api is the deprecated one, it may be possible that Discord actually banned Roblox’s useragent but forgot to ban it on the deprecated url


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Here’s how to bypass the blocks


2 How your API Will work

If you don’t know how to make api No worries I will make a plugin soon Will contain everything you just put your script and more info


Just an update on this: Can confirm, it’s not anything we did on our side. We’re still looking into what we can do about it.


It is allowed - you aren’t allowed to spam it, though.

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That’s not correct. There isn’t a singular IP address associated with Roblox’s HTTP calls.

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nevermind, they worked for a couple seconds this morning they are still broken

No, it’s not. There’s multiple IP addresses that Roblox uses. It’s not connected back to a singular IP, it is the user agent that is banned.

The user agent in a live server and studio are different, they are not the same. Discord had Cloudflare ban the user agent ‘Roblox’, not the IP. Please learn this stuff before arguing.

Huh, I’ve seen your name in Star Wars before. They banned the IP, not the user agent. Studio “Test” if I recall uses your own IP which is why it works in studio. Your forgetting that Discord most likely has every Roblox Server IP due to the fact trillions of requests were sent to Discord from Roblox per day so it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility if you disagree.

Thing is, the more I think about it I think this might be a Cloudflare Issue with Discord where CF is mistaking Roblox requests as a DDos Attack from the amount of requests Roblox developers send to Discord. Cloudflare recently updated their security and migitation. (ie. customizable HTTP DDos Protection)

No, the user agent itself is banned, not the IP. A previous post in a different topic showed the user agent ‘Roblox/Linux’ is banned, which is the current user agent banned.

Yes, I have a big analysis system for players and will be send to discord every minute, all these stopped working

Last Report:

  • 11:25 PM IST 1 October
  • 3:25 AM JST 2 October
  • 5:55 PM UTC 1 October
  • 10:55 AM PST 1 September

These are exact time, when the discord blocked Roblox Webhooks and when they stopped working