Discourse App broken for DevForums?

I’m trying to login to the DevForums through the Discourse mobile app on my iPhone and I’ve gotten nothing but an error. The app can successfully find the DevForum website but then after that it tells me that I don’t have permission to access a user api. Is that only just me?

I guess they disabled the API for new members, which is what the Discourse app uses.

Just use it on a mobile web browser as the frontend experience is identical.

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What benefits does the mobile app provide over the browser version?

The associated setting was disabled for security-related reasons.

I would find it easier to access the DevForums as I prefer just clicking a few buttons to access the DevForums as compared to typing a couple letters and hoping that autofill can work properly for me. There’s also the address bars on mobile browsers that (for me at least) become slightly annoying while scrolling through the DevForums.

Mobile push notifications also don’t hurt :stuck_out_tongue:

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Push notifications are the primary benefit.

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We’ve re-enabled this with some constraints on the settings compared to before, can you see if this allows you to use the mobile app again?

Seems to be working for me, thanks! :+1:

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I’ve been getting an error each time I try to authorise.

Is this still happening? Can you try reinstalling/resetting/etc the app?

Does anyone else run into this issue?

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Very sorry for the late reply.

After reinstalling the app, the issue is gone. Thank you!!

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