Discrepancy between team test and joining actual server in server-sided physics lag

In this game, TRR Roblox Star Line - Roblox, trains are being driven automatically with their network owner set to the server. However, when joining an actual server with players the trains experience physics lag. However this lag doesn’t appear in the studio team test, which I gather should be virtually the same as joining an actual server.

I tried looking in the developer console as per the solutions in other posts, comparing the memory, server ping, and microprofiler between the live servers and team test, however they all had similar values to each other. There isn’t anything in the microprofiler that seems off. I’m not sure if it’s a memory leak either because the trains start off laggy in a fresh live server, and the fact that the memory values on old servers (3+ hours) are still consistent with what I’d expect from a fresh server.

Other than looking at the memory, server ping, and microprofiler in the developer console, is there any other way of measuring and trying to debug server-sided physics lag?