Discussing scripts and how are they set [BACKDOORS/MALWARE]

Hello, Fellow Developers. I wanted to talk about malware/backdoors BUT! In a certain way, like you need a script and you search for it on LUA websites I don’t want to mention a name of website here but It is an untrustable website for example but many people use it, but the thing is Administration of that website doesn’t control that (on purpose) well I am not here to talk about that, so let’s get back on track. What If you are searching for a script/module that you didn’t find on Roblox Forum or It is hard to find? what If you went on a suspicious website and accidentally virus/infect your game with backdoors? so I wanted to talk about this today, and my suggestion be re-checking before risking, never risk since you are giving access to the game to people (accidentally) that you don’t know, what would you do If you were in this situation? please share your thoughts before this is important. P.s I have many people risking and trusting those untrustable forums so I want to know why too?

I would go through every service to find a backdoor, (scripts, localscripts) that I did not put in my game, they’d probably have the name of “VACCINE” or something, but it will not be the same that I just specified. After neutralizing the backdoors, I should be fine. But if the issues persist, I will create a new place, and copy everything there.

If that new place is infected, then it’s something you’re copying over. And check the code or model for any abnormalities or weird things. And then that’s how I would deal with a malware/backdoor.

You can find backdoors and those funny viruses by doing Ctrl + Shift + F and searching for “getfenv()” or “setfenv()” or “require()”

Usually the scripts will attempt to use some kind of Http or require some sketchy module. Don’t worry, they’re pretty easy to find

Backdoor can be hidden?..

Backdoors can be hidden, but thats why I said I would look through every instance,service in the game. If I can’t find one, I would make a plugin that would search the entire game for a backdoor, backdoors cannot be put into your place file as far as I know. If it is put in there though, then you have malware on your PC.

Backdoors can be “hidden” in the extent that they are designed to be hard to find – it doesn’t mean they’re impossible to find.

This is generally good advice but there are also other methods to find and remove backdoors.

Really? What are there? I never knew exploits would be that hidden and deep

All just to exploit in a kid’s lego game…

Most of them are infecting games to then sell to skids wanting to bypass FE.
It’s all about the money.

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