Discussion if this project is against Roblox Tos or not

:pushpin:So I’m working on a project with a group of friends, We are on the initial development of the game/project.

:pushpin:We do not deal anything with Robux, all the exchanges are either discord roles, perks or steam keys.

Here’s the link of the project: RCASH DEV


(1) Is this project against Roblox TOS ( If it’s against TOS, which part of the project should I modify?)
(2) How do you expect the project to be?

:pushpin:Additional Questions: ( They’re kinda unrelated but if you think it’s not against TOS please answer )

(1) Where do you think I can advertise the game?
(2) Do you think if Roblox is user-friendly for a project like this?

Thanks for your help, appreciate it

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I don’t think it’s breaking any rules. But I would be sure to make it very clear that you don’t give away robux. There might be some issues with out of roblox perks so be careful what you add.