Disgustedorito | Artist, Some Creature Design | Paid Only

Hello! I’m Disgustedorito, sometimes known as Dorite. I am an artist specializing in creatures and anthropomorphic characters, though I am willing to explore beyond these boundaries. I can also design creatures, though this skill isn’t as refined. If you need character art or creature designs for your game, you’ve come to the right place.

My primary art style is cartoony but not overly so, with comic-inspired color and shading. I can also do silhouettes and size charts.


I may add more sections and images to this later.

Lone character, creature art (3 images)

Useful for character or morph selection menus. I would normally price art like this between $30-50 (or robux equivalent), depending on the complexity of the design.

Creature Silhouettes and Size Charts (3 images)

Useful addition to stat charts in monster fighting games. Might also have a place in educational, mockumentary, and zoo-themed games. $15 is the base price for the silhouette itself, the size chart is a free optional add-on. The silhouette is hand-drawn, and I can adjust the chart to different styles and colors for a particular game as needed.

I can use a different human/object for scale by request.

Creature design: Nearly all of the art I have shown is of characters and creatures I designed myself, with the exception of the first image in the lone character / creature section (he was designed by a friend). Design prices are undecided and highly negotiable, and I work best with a general theme rather than specific instruction. Ask if you’d like more examples or a little more information about my design process.

Other Categories: Unfortunately limited recent examples, prices negotiable. Ask about avatars and game thumbnails.


I don’t currently have work or school, so I am available during daytime hours, central standard time. This could change in the future, and I will update this post and inform current clients if/when that happens.

Each asset should take a day or two to complete, but it may take longer if I have a lot of orders at once or if I burn out. I’ll give an actual estimation when I’m ready to begin.


Payment is per asset. I would prefer to be paid in real money via paypal, but I may accept equivalent value in Robux depending on the job. The final price of a larger order of multiple assets can be negotiated. If an order is over $50 in price, half of it must be paid up front.


I would prefer to be contacted over this forum, but here are some other contacts if you prefer:
Discord: Disgustedorite🌺#5055
Twitter (my least preferred): Disgustedorite

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


You’r designs are amazing i hope someone hire you i never, saw no one with this nice and perfect art!!