Dislike button is green on mobile

One could argue this is more of a feature but I am fuming so much right now that I’m going to class it as a bug since the behaviour is absurd.

When you down vote any game on mobile the button appears green upon being pressed.

The dislike button should follow the trend of every other user input in existence and be red for down votes and green for upvotes.

This impacts my experience as a developer since I feel many players may dislike the game by accident thinking they have upvoted it.

This issue has caused my physoclogical trauma and pain for too long now and fixing it would greatly improve my experience as both a player and a developer.


Ahh yes, the colour that is most associated with downvoting, green.
How do you even mess this up.


Not only this, but I feel that the simplistic triangular design is not enough. For a platform which has a large age demographic of young children, this isn’t good enough to be able to gauge an accurate rating when you aren’t even sure the players are hitting the right button. The thumbs up / thumbs down is humanly universal and understood by everyone.


This is such a frustrating user experience- I covered both these issues + some other unmentioned issues with like/dislike ratings in another topic I made about a week ago! Hopefully more topics will bring greater attention to such much-needed improvements.


I hope this is a bug. The recent changes that Roblox makes are (in my opinion) terrible.