Display Loading Screen Until RequestAsync Success == true

Hey Guys,

I have a server that I’ll be loading player data via RequestAsync when they join.

How would I go about displaying the loading screen until said data has been retrieved?

I will be wrapping my RequestAsync in a pcall, if the server cannot be contacted retries will be attempted, the loading screen should display during this time with retry attempts displayed.

EDIT: Max of x retires will be performed before kicking the player.

Any suggestions?

Why would you want to do this? What if there’s an internal server error and it’ll never load? I think you should do 5 retries, then kick the player with a note telling them that their data failed to load. Then they can rejoin and retry if they like.

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

Yes I’m doing that, I forgot to mention this in my above post. will update now.

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Ok got it,

I’ve gone with a custom loading screen.

player loading status can be sent from a server script to local script via FireClient, I’ll be able to display retry counts, as well as kick message if/when required.

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