Displaying a model icon (with ThumbnailCamera) for 'Folders'

To display an icon on your model, you move the Camera instance to your desired position, parent that camera to the model and name the camera ‘ThumbnailCamera’:


I would like to do the same but with a ‘Folder’ instead of a ‘Model’:


However, it appears the 'ThumbnailCamera/model-icon technique only works for Model instances.

Is there a way to work around this? I understand ‘model icons’ have been requested and may become a feature in the future, however I’m ideally looking for an immediate solution.

Group the folder and upload it as a model.

Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible. Models or bust, apparently.

That would be a nice feature request, though. AFAIK it would just require the removal of an if statement somewhere in the model exporting code.

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Shame that, better make that feature request then!

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This is so lame.

All the models I want to add icons to are ModuleScripts, specifically the ones you can require with their item ID from within a server script (named “MainModule”).

Is there any other way to change a model icon?

it’s been a long wait but asset icons should be here very soon™ (I believe Q1 2023) :muscle:

for the time being there is no alternative, just the joyful thumbnail camera method

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