Dissociative. || A short chiller experience

I welcome feedback and questions in the replies below, I will try to reply as soon as possible.


I don’t usually play horror games, but as a fan of your games, I decided to check it out. After making it to the end, I can say that I think that it was very well made! The text moved at just the right speed, which is something that I don’t see very often. However, I would recommend adjusting the coloring of the purple and black text at the bottom and maybe increasing its size as well. It’s a bit hard to read as is.

And, just out of curiosity, is the road generated as you walk along it, or is it just one really long piece?

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I think it’s really nice so far! The colors and the static background makes the game feel empty, and lonely, which seems what you were going for.
However, I think that the words are somewhat “empty”. It can be applied to writing. You’re telling the player what they’re going through, not showing. With improvements to the writing, the experience can become more “chilling”. Though, I can agree with the user above in the text moving at just the right speed. Another note, I would suggest adding more background sounds, which might help heighten the chilling experience, other than the occasional sounds in the background.

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Done! ^-^

A really long piece, since I was lazy hehe.

Thanks for the feedback and comments!

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I see. Since the game is based on dissociation I have to keep it as close to the real thing as possible, so how I would I go about this?

Interesting idea, a good one for sure. What kind of sounds were you thinking?


  • Updated the text to be a bit more mysterious and well-worded.
  • Changed the atmosphere.

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