Distortion/Light refraction

I am wondering if it is somehow possible to create a distorted area or something similar. I have spend an hour or two searching around but from what I can see it doesn’t seem to be possible. Feel free to comment on this if you have any ideas or solutions for this. I will keep looking around and update if I find a solution.

How about a bunch of small Glass Parts scattered around the area? I know glass has what appears like a beveled edge that distorts what’s rendered behind it.
The issue with this is that because they are transparent Part they may not show other transparent/semi-transparent items behind them properly.

you can make this effect by placing water behind 0.95 or similar transparency blocks to make it refract a little bit

Im trying to make a shockwave kind off effect in the air and I want some real light refraction/distortion

I tried making glass but it never really looked good enough