Distress Cafe Player Rules

Distress Cafe Official Player Rules

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Players are required to maintain these rules all of the time, not doing so will lead to serious consequences.

trolling is misbehaving and spamming, disturbing others with disturbing content

Players are required to maintain an ethical level of behavior while on Distress Cafe. This rule has been erected to ensure the continued enjoyment of Guests and Staff Members while on Distress cafe.

Not doing so will lead to a warning, continuing on to 3 warnings that will lead to a kick, continuing this and receiving 3 kicks will lead to a ban, you may appeal.

exploiting is caused by players using hacks that are not allowed on roblox

Exploiting is not allowed on any Distress Cafe games. Encouraging Exploitation will result in an automatic kick from the game. Exploiting in the game will result in an Automatic Ban / Staff Member Firing.

Roblox ToS

You promise that you will not break any rules that have been started, and the Roblox Terms of Service rules. Automatically when you on the premises of Distress Cafe, you must follow all of these rules, to avoid kicks, bans, and demotions.

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