District 9 and AXG Corporation Information

District IX Game Information

Game Type: Sci Fi Military

Game Link: CAPITAL DISTRICT I - Roblox

Group Link: The AXG Corporation - Roblox

Game Lore Introduction: The story takes place in 2043, After the World War III, There persists to be Nuclear Fallout throughout the whole world. The few people which persist to live are struggling. The AXG corporation is one of the only governments to come out of the fallout and continue to somewhat thrive. After the third world war a few nations combined to form what is now known as the AXG corporation. The AXG corporation created hundred of Sites known as districts. The Districts are “Safe Places” as the Chairman says. The AXG Corporation does ANYTHING to survive if that means sacrifice the lives of the unfortunate. Anyone who pleases can be apart of the corporation as long as they dont question that methods and tactics of it.



  • Owner
  • Creative Designer
  • Financial and Marketing Manager
  • Voice Acting
  • Graphic Design
  • Scripter

Commissioned Developers

  • GFX