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DMSI Defense Team


DMSI Defense Team
The following document is the official DMSIDT rules and guidelines, written by @RubenHgamer for all DMSIDT members. Please read it carefully.

If someone sees you aren’t following these rules, this may lead to punishments, ranging from a simple warning to a demotion or even a blacklist.

You will be notified on the communication server when there are updates on these guidelines.

Last Update: N/A

Basic duties

  • Protect the reactor core from melting/freezing down
  • Keep players safe from disasters, and dangerous people.
  • Patrol the facilities for exploiters, and call one of the moderators if these are present

Basic Rules

  1. Follow the ROBLOX Community Rules
    Exploiting and glitching, is a big no.
  2. Wear your uniform while on duty.
  3. Use your weapons responsibly when on duty.
    3a. Don’t use weapons to randomly kill players or to cause a melt-or freezedown.
  4. Always give people a warning, and only go in combat if they don’t listen.
  5. Don’t ‘revenge kill’, i.e. kill someone just because they killed you.

Reminders to all DMSIDT members

  • Do not try to evade punishment. Doing so will only make it worse for yourself.
  • You are not allowed to share/sell accounts with DMSIDT points/ranks.
  • Follow orders from your superiors and be respectful to your fellow players. Don’t act like you’re the boss of the game.
  • Glitching is absolutely not allowed.
  • Trainers can remove a user from a DMSIDT position for poor behavior, both in the communications server and in-game. This includes toxicity, inappropriate behavior, etc. Anyone who acts in ways not suitable for his/her rank will see that rank revoked.

Going on duty

To be recognized as an on-duty Security member, you have to meet a few requirements, otherwise, you’re not allowed to use DMSIDT weapons.

You’ll need an official DMSIDT uniform, buy one or use a uniform giver in the game. You need to wear both a shirt & pants.
This isn’t obligated, because the group hasn’t got a uniform yet.

Make sure that your avatar allows for a visible uniform. Don’t use packages that hide clothes.

To go off-duty, remove your uniform and DMSIDT weapons (reset your character if required).

Patrolling the Reactor Core

DMSI Research Station is DMSI’s most frequently visited game, making it the main place of interest for DMSIDT to patrol. Our main purpose is to protect the core from melting or freezing down.
You can start by yourself but there are also patrols being hosted by security trainers. More information can be found further.

But it doesn’t stop there. There are more events that could occure. They can be very unpredictable. So try predicting the unpredictable! The protection of visitors is always priority number one.

Usage of weapons

If you see anyone changing the core controls to create a melt- or freezedown, give them a warning (for example by giving the player one shot).

If they ignore your warning and change the controls a second time, you are allowed to kill them .

On a few occasions, you can kill players without needing to warn them first if they:

  • have been warned and killed for changing the core controls to melt- or freezedown (or breaking other rules), and still come back to do the same
  • were hostile to Security, and are now changing the core controls to melt- or freezedown
  • Only when the core is less than 1000° from melt- or freezedown , are setting the core controls disadvantageously to DMSIDT

Aside from the core controls, you are expected to use your weapons responsibly (see Rule 3). Self-defense is allowed, and protecting visitors or fellow security members from attackers is also okay.

Points and ranking up

To rank up in the group, you need DMSIDT points. You can only view your point stats at DMSIDT Training Facility.

When you’ve reached a certain amount of points you can do a form in the communication server which allows you to reach the next amount of points to rank up, and so forth. The amount of points for the next rank are listed below:

  • LR | In Training - 0 points (automatically given)
  • LR | Trained Security - Undecided
  • LR | Advanced Security - Undecided

You can find the scheduled upcoming events in the communication server of DMSIDT, and at the DMSIDT Training Facility. Keep an eye on the group shout as well.

Security Ranks and Loadouts

Every rank in DMSIDT has a unique loadout of various weapons. These are listed below:

LR | In Training


LR | Trained Security


LR | Advanced Security


HR | Security Trainer

DMSIDT Training Facility

  • Admin Katana
  • No-reload HyperlaserGun
  • Railgun

NOTE: All the higher ranks are required to be in the Communications server since they have specific duties that rely on it.




Trainers regularly host trainings, which are the only way to earn points. You can earn up to 6 points in a normal training. The better you perform, the more points you get.

Make sure to join the training in time (around 5-10 minutes before the scheduled starting time). If the server is full, another host is allowed to step in and host at a second server, possibly in another training facility at the host’s decision.
More info about the trainings can be found here: (WIP).

Don’t ask Security Trainers to host a training. They get to decide for themselves when to do one.

Scheduling rules

Events can only be scheduled with permission from a Trainer.

Trainers can schedule all events, no time gap is required. Events they schedule are allowed to overlap with other events.

Hope you enjoyed reading these rules, and maybe we will see you in the future.

DMSIDT Team of High Commanding Officers

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