Do i just have to make animations for one client and it would replicate over to everyone elses?

Hi im sore, this is my first time on the dev forum so i dont really know what im doing but i do know that i have an issue and i cannot fix it.

Im trying to get my animations that i’ve scripted customly (not roblox’s normal Animate script) to replicate to every other persons screen.

The issue is that well, its not replicating, my code just grabs the “Animation” Instance that i’ve already placed in every character as they’re added, puts an Id in the animation, and :Play() or :Stop() the animation.
-The video is too large so here is a dropbox link -

I’ve tried many solutions as, move my localScript from StarterPlayer to StarterCharacter, I’ve moved the “Animation” Instance everywhere, in the character model, in the animate script, everywhere i’ve tried

I’d like for my own script to work I dont want to have to use the Animate Script that Roblox offers because its very messy and I’d just like to use mine because it makes it easy to add animations for anything like attacking or such.

Animations will replicate if they are played in an AnimationController or an Animator in a descendant of the player’s character.

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I tried that it still didnt play on the others so i just made it so whenever a player plays an animation, it fires for all clients and they play it for that specific char n that solved it.

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