Do I need to bake textures on a model from my Roblox game?

Hi, I took a Roblox model I made in my game with materials applied and edited it with Blender, and now I want to take that model and put it back into Roblox. I edited the UV to fix some stretching, and I was curious on whether I would need to bake the textures again for them to appear in Roblox. Thanks.


You should export your Mesh as an Obj (.obj) as you seem to have done and then yes, you should bake the texture in the UV editor. Once the baking is done click on “image” and “Save as…”. Once you have both saved somewhere get a meshpart in roblox set the MeshID as the .obj file and then the textureID as the baked file.

TL;DR yes you need to bake the texture

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yes i love to “bake” textures lol

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